SiteBuilder Themes help you to find content for your site which uses a consistent CSS and JS framework.

A Theme becomes active when you create a Page Template in SiteBuilder using that Theme in the Page Templates tab.

Choosing a Theme

Each Theme will have a different combination of features:

  • CSS or JavaScript Framework e.g. Bootstrap / Tailwind
  • The selection of Modules supported
  • The selection of Dynamic and Static Layouts available

Take these into consideration and choose a Theme which is thebest fit for your project.

More Themes are available on the Siteglide Marketplace. Any Themes which you decide not to use can be safely uninstalled from your Site, except for any that ship with the main SiteBuilder Module.

Creating a Template

In the Page Templates tab, create a new Page Template to choose a Theme according to your preferences.

Themes automatically add any of the following to a Page Template:

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Config Files
  • Standard Page Template HTML and Liquid

These will then be applied consistently to any Page the Page Template is attached to.

Once created, you can find your template in the SiteBuilder Page Templates tab and in the Siteglide Admin under SITE MANAGER > Templates. These Page Templates are fully editable and you can attach them to Siteglide Pages as normal.

Once you've created a Page Template, you'll unlock the PageBuilder, Layouts and Settings tabs.

Installing Static Layouts

Static Layouts are sections of pre-built HTML code that you can add to your pages in the Siteglide Admin. They do not generally contain any Liquid templating, so won't pull in any dynamic content from the server or CMS. Instead, you can use Siteglide's Studio tab to edit their content directly in the page.

Modules and Dynamic Layouts

Once you've installed a Page Template, check out the Dynamic Module Layouts to see what kind of dynamic content is available for this Theme.