SiteBuilder Changelog

About SiteBuilder updates and backwards compatibility

We're always adding to SiteBuilder and its associated Theme Modules. However, it's important to us that changes to this module do not cause you problems on your site.

Therefore, we never change the layouts on your site during an update. We only update the "master copy" of the layout in the module. That means brand new layout installs from the module will have updates, while older layouts will continue to function as before.

There are exceptions to this rule, for example Liquid includes which power functionality like dynamic forms. In these cases, we will only modify these files with non-breaking changes. For breaking changes, a new version of the file will be created and linked to new layouts, leaving the old version continuing to function with existing layouts.

For the optimum compatibility, we recommend always making sure the main SiteBuilder module is up to date before updating any SiteBuilder Theme modules. Some Theme module updates may rely on the latest version of SiteBuilder.


4.8.2 - Coming soon

  • Improved PageBuilder Options. You can now set custom pagination layouts in PageBuilder in the options drawer.
  • Fixed missing parameter range_field for live Updates API
  • Improvement to WebApp table layout so that if a category filter is added, it's possible to choose a parent category in a Liquid variable at the top of the wrapper. This means you can organise relevant categories in a folder and only show those.
  • Improvement to Blog layouts using a grid where if few results, the cards would stretch to fill the space. Now they stay at the correct unstretched size.
  • New Live Updates Layout for Blog and Events
  • Live Updates API now adds a click listener to text input fields. This helps to cover an edge-case where a cancel button is nested inside the text area to clear the field. Non-breaking change.

4.8.1 - Released 25th May

  • Fix for issue from 4.7.2

4.8.0 - Released 25th May

  • Added layouts to Flowbite and Bootstrap Themes for:
    • Cookie Policy Popups
    • Cookie Policy Settings Pages
  • These are examples of a brand new type of layout for SiteBuilder, as installing them creates a Siteglide code_snippet with a unique ID. More code_snippet layouts are now possible for SiteBuilder developers. Currently, these are not supported in PageBuilder.
  • Page Template creation now gives you an option to install a cookie popup layout directly into your new Page Template. If chosen, this replaces the Google Analytics script which would normally be entered by default. The cookie popup layout contains the same Google Analytics script, but wraps it in logic which allows it to be toggled on and off by the end-user. Cookies settings page layouts are not designed to be entered in the Page Template and must be installed via the layouts tab instead.

4.7.3 - Fix to previous release

4.7.2 - Released 18th May 2023

  • Added new setting in settings tab for TinyMCE API key. This allows layouts to dynamically fetch key from one place.

4.7.1 - Released 17th May 2023

  • Flowbite table webapp layout now uses left-align for its table headers.

4.7.0 - Released 16th May 2023

  • Improvements to forms
    • All form components to use the {{field_id}} (plus any appropriate suffix) for their ID, instead of name (same for label for attributes). This should simplify any JS or CSS referencing it.
    • All required fields will have an asterisk " *" added after their labels by default. This can be changed in components.
    • All inputs will be given data-attributes containing the text of their human-readable label data-sg-validation-label and the main field ID for their field data-sg-validation-id (note this may be different from the ID of the element if there are multiple form elements responsible for controlling a field, e.g. checkboxes). These can be useful when writing custom validation rules.
    • If the error message from Siteglide validation references a field by ID, we will change the error message to be more human-friendly. The default is a generic message asking the user to complete missing fields, but a commented out alternative allows you to print the human-readable name of the first missing field. Likewise, we've added a more human-friendly error message when a captcha fails. These messages can be edited in the form layout JS.
    • Improvements for Date, File and Image fields when marked as required.
    • Improvements for rich-text textarea type fields when marked as required.
    • Added minimum value to date fields so they do not add a date which is out of range of Siteglide's date field. Siteglide dates must be within the unix epoch.
    • Improved animation transition on form progress bars.

4.6.5 - Released 11th May 2023

  • Improvement to Flowbite Login Form Modal Layout - Wider padding and more modern syntax to make it less prone to closing accidentally. This may still happen if the user clicks on the backdrop, but is less likely to happen when missing a click event aimed at an input.

4.6.4 - Released 11th May 2023

  • Supporting the ability to more easily add a parameter to redirect the form to a custom URL. Set custom_form_redirect parameter on the top include form tag or the include form_layout_fields tag.
  • Fixes for dark mode on some Flowbite Layouts

4.6.3 - Released 27th April 2023

  • Hotfix for Rich Text fields not submitting correctly in forms

4.6.2 - Released 27th April 2023

  • Fix for Flowbite Typography dark mode on Flowbite Layouts
  • Improvements and fixes to Sitebuilder Forms:
    • Type date fields now show initial values correctly, in local timezone, the same as Siteglide Admin. They also have max-values which don't allow invalid unix timestamps and expiry date will default to the max timestamp.
    • Textarea fields are now passed data-sg-rich-text attribute if rich_text is selected in the Siteglide Admin
    • Textarea fields now have rich-text-editor support when rich-text is turned on. This feature is powered by TinyMCE and requires a free API key to be added to remove warning notice. View the docs to add your API key and modify the settings.
  • Added experimental support for datasources on Flowbite Live-updates WebApp table layout. This outputs the names of data-sourced webapp items in the table-cell instead of IDs. In future, we'd like to optimise this for performance, for now, we recommend only using it on short lists.

4.6.1 - Released 26th April 2023

  • Fix for SiteBuilder forms- datasource (single) fields in edit forms were not previously showing initial values correctly.

4.6.0 - Released 25th April 2023

  • Launching the JS Live Update API - Making it quick and easy to live-update server-side code on the client side when users interact with it and its state changes.
  • New Flowbite Page Templates now have the beta feature option to select an alternative Template structure suitable for Portals and Applications. This supports a Flowbite sidebar layout.
  • Improvements and Fixes for some Form Layouts
    • Added a variant of the Flowbite multi-part form with full-width fields for use in smaller form sections.
    • Flowbite multi-part forms now fill the container height, making it more convenient to add them inside a grid.
    • Fixes for edit email & password functionality on Flowbite forms (Bootstrap Theme did not have the bug)

4.5.6 - Released 31st March 2023

  • Fixes for some Slider Layouts
    • fixes layouts which were either missing the Liquid to load the JS, or using an older, less efficient, version.
    • fixes for layouts with broken image alt fields.
  • Fixes for compatible Themes, such as Flowbite Pro.
    • Fixed bug when installing a detail layout from a compatible theme on PageBuilder, where that layout would be given a list view tag.
    • Fixed bug in WebApp Layout field mapping where layouts from compatible Themes were given the wrong field slots.
    • Fixed bug viewing layouts from compatible themes on Layouts tab when the same ID was used in different Theme namespaces.

4.5.0 - Released 16th March 2023

  • Added support for WebApp Layouts. WebApp Layouts allow agencies to map custom fields from a WebApp to slots in the Layout, so Generalised Layouts can suit a range of specific use-cases.
  • UI Improvements including Validation and Accessibility
  • Added a range of WebApp Layouts to the Flowbite Library.
  • More WebApp Layouts coming soon.

4.4.0 - Released 26th January 2023

  • Support for Siteglide Slider Module
  • New optional JS script for layouts implementing a slider effect
  • Added Slider layouts to Flowbite and Bootstrap Themes
  • Fix for some layout options in Page Builder
  • Improvements to UI

4.3.0 - Released 6th January 2023

  • Support for WebApp and Module item add, edit and delete form layouts.
  • Support for WebApp and Module item add forms to PageBuilder.
  • Updated documentation to explain the new reliable way to change the order of custom fields in dynamic form layouts.
  • Changed default order for system fields in forms to be negative. This will affect existing sites, so be prepared to review these when updating the module:
    • name: -40
    • email: -30
    • password: -20
    • Categories: -10
      It is possible to order custom fields so that they fall before, after or between these system fields.
  • PageBuilder UI updated to guide the user to select Page Template and name before the Theme is locked-in.
  • Form Layout progress bars only display while form is submitting, not before.
  • Improvements to Form Layout Image and File fields.
  • Fixes to SiteBuilder UI

4.2.1 - released 9th December 2022

  • Changed Home tab video

4.2.0 - released 9th December 2022

  • Added new home tab to Module UI

4.1.3 - released 7th December 2022

  • Fix for some issues in the settings page

4.1.2 - released 30th November 2022

  • Further Static Layouts Fixes

4.1.1 - released 30th November 2022

  • Fix for Static Layouts from compatible Themes e.g. Flowbite Pro, so that the Theme does not need to be installed on a Page Template, only installed to the Site, before the Static Layouts appear.


  • Adds tips when a user adds a Module Layout in Page Builder, or when a Module Layout is installed.
  • Links to Siteglide Admin from the UI now open in the same tab to take advantage of faster loading speeds.
  • Multiple UI styling and responsiveness fixes


  • Form field labels on Static Layouts now support apostrophe characters.


  • Improves reliability of installs of layouts from compatible Themes.


  • Fixes install bug
  • Reduces Module install time


  • Adds support for agencies to add SiteBuilder content through creating modules in the Siteglide Marketplace. These modules can be of two types, Themes which add entirely new Themes to SiteBuilder, or can extend existing compatible Themes. Or functional modules which add new content to Siteglide and can include SiteBuilder compatible layouts to extend any existing Theme. Read more in the documentation.
  • New module UI which aims to deliver a clearer starting point for new users and better defaults for more experienced users.
  • hcaptcha support for forms. This allows you to use Siteglide's recommended spam protection method.
  • Remove unwanted PageBuilder sections
  • Liquid tag recommendations when creating layouts
  • More Modules and Sub-modules supported

3.2.3 - released 13th October 2022

  • Bug fix for Form Layouts to support HTML entities like ' in form config field options e.g. in checkboxes.

3.2.2 - released 22nd September 2022

  • PageBuilder Safari bugfixes

3.2.1 - released 21st September 2022

  • PageBuilder UI design Improvements

3.2.0 - released 21st September 2022

  • Released PageBuilder, a brand new user-interface for quickly building a page from scratch using SiteBuilder content. Access this by clicking a library and scrolling down to PageBuilder.
    • Search for and apply an existing Page Template
    • Add as many sections as you like and choose whether to add static or dynamic layouts
    • Visually preview and choose layouts from the current SiteBuilder library.
    • Use the UI to select module specific settings to automatically add to the Liquid tags when we build the page

3.1.14 - released 14th September 2022

  • Support for form fields for changing email and passwords.

3.1.13 - released 7th September 2022

  • Performance upgrade when adding duplicate layouts to the same PageBuilder Page
  • Added support for adding Detail Layouts. Tip: use item_ids to select a specific item's detail page
  • Added Changelog to documentation

3.1.0 - released 2nd August 2022

  • Added new contextual docs links
  • Improved Page Template Creation wizard to add Header/ Footer options

3.0 - released 12th July 2022

  • Introducing the Flowbite Library